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VGC ARPLAN (Since 1980)
Mr. Vahe V. Tutunjian established Bin Ghanim Consulting (BGC) in 1980. It was his determination to create an Architectural Consulting office, which will be professional and provide design solutions in local traditions and create Architecture, which will be sustainable at the same time preserving local Architectural elements.

Since 1980, BGC designed for QGPC in various project categories i.e. residential, administrative, industrial, entertainment, landscaping etc. Relevant design standards used in Q.P. and Q.C.S.were adopted by BGC and used in all their projects. Thus providing a highly professional individual design to their Clients. During this period BGC also designed for the Doha Municipality, Qatar Armed Forces and Private sector.

In 1995, Mr. Vahe V. Tutunjian together with Mrs. Gohar V. Tutunjian, established Landscaping and interior design sections in BGC for in house designed projects; the purpose was to provide a comprehensive and coordinated design solution to our clients under one umbrella.

The new name VGC Arplan was adopted in 2006, to keep up with the new requirements of Doha Planning Authorities which has established new classification system. Thus VGC Arplan has satisfied the requirements of Planning department and accordingly is qualified as A Class Architectural office.

Our creative and business operations during the past 30 years in Doha were made possible because of the hospitality of Qatari people. The encouragement and the facilities provided to us by the Municipality, hence the Qatari Government. We are also grateful to our esteemed clients, who end up as friends after the completion of their projects.